Mechanical Rigging

Rigsafe’s dedicated team ensures that your projects, whether large or small, run smoothly, professionally, and on schedule. We prioritise safety, and our expert approach to Mechanical Rigging guarantees the highest standards.

Our Approach

A commitment to client satisfaction and a dedication to professionalism define our approach to Mechanical Rigging up to 100 tonnes.

We manage your rigging requirements to ensure projects run smoothly, professionally, and on schedule, regardless of size and complexity. Safety is our top priority, and we excel in meticulously deconstructing plants and equipment, adhering to the highest safety standards.


Rigsafe streamlines rigging projects, ensuring they run smoothly and professionally. We emphasise efficiency to meet quality benchmarks and deadlines without compromise.


Our team can cater to rigging projects of all sizes, from minor to advanced, and offers a comprehensive range of equipment handling services.


We prioritise client satisfaction and manage your rigging requirements to ensure your project's success and peace of mind.

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Your trusted rigging partner for success.