Lifting & Skating

Rigsafe specialises in lifting, skating, and shifting and can manage your project from start to finish. From chillers and hydraulic parts to escalators and large machinery, we specialise in precise handling and installation.

Our Approach

Our experienced team ensures precision and safety in the installation and shifting of a wide array of equipment, from chillers and hydraulic parts to escalators and large machinery.

We manage your project from inception to completion, providing a streamlined and secure experience backed by our commitment to safety and professionalism.


We achieve precise control and seamless manoeuvrability to place equipment, minimising damage accurately and ensuring precise positioning in confined spaces.


We optimise space in environments where mobile cranes can't reach, reducing setup requirements and making the most of limited industrial areas.


Save time with Rigsafe's system, eliminating expensive crane rentals and streamlining equipment projects for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Rigsafe branding element

Your trusted rigging partner for success.