Maintenance & Shutdowns

For mine site maintenance and construction shutdowns, Rigsafe provides a complete solution. Our experienced team come fully equipped with safety credentials, handling onsite problem-solving and rectification, ensuring seamless operation.

Our Approach

For mine site maintenance, we offer a unique approach that combines riggers, boilermakers, and cranes to ensure the seamless operation of your mining projects.

Our highly experienced workforce comes equipped with safety credentials and problem-solving capabilities, minimising disruptions, and maximising efficiency. We are available for projects nationwide, providing the flexibility and reliability you need for your mining operations.


Rigsafe's highly experienced workforce, offers comprehensive solutions for mine site maintenance and construction shutdowns.


We are available for projects nationwide and interstate, providing the reliability and flexibility needed for mining operations.


Our team excels at onsite problem-solving and rectification, minimising disruptions, and maximising efficiency during mine maintenance.

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