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Our Story

At Rigsafe, we stand at the forefront of our industry by prioritising safety and demonstrating excellence in everything we do. Our dedication goes beyond mere service provision; it’s about achieving exceptional outcomes tailored to our clients’ needs. With extensive expertise and knowledge across the mining, construction, and maintenance industries, we’re your trusted rigging partner for success.

Our journey commenced in 2015 when Kevin Fitzgerald established Rigsafe Lifting Solutions. Fueled by a vision to redefine industry standards, Kevin aimed to provide top-notch rigging, crane, and transport services. With a wealth of experience and deep insights into the mining, construction, and maintenance sectors, Kevin and the Rigsafe team have transformed this vision into a reality.

Our expertise and skillset are the cornerstones of our success. They enable us to consistently achieve the best outcomes for our clients, meeting and often exceeding their expectations. At Rigsafe, we understand that every project is unique, and we approach each one with a blend of technical proficiency, dedication to safety, and a commitment to excellence. Your success is our success, and together, we build a safer and more prosperous future.

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Our Team

Managing Director

Kevin Fitzgerald

Business Manager

Tanya Fitzgerald

Project Manager

Simon Gould

Construction Manager

Lee Rowley

Project Manager

Chris Fletcher

General Manager

Tuck Tzoganos

Leading our industry as an award-winning partner

An award-winning leader in health and safety, our commitment to excellence extends beyond services, delivering tailored outcomes for our clients.
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Your trusted rigging partner for success.