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State Football Centre

Rigsafe played a crucial role in the development of the State Football Centre, showcasing their expertise in structural steel installation for the clubhouse. The project was further highlighted by their work on the cantilevered timber awning, blending aesthetics with functionality. This project shows Rigsafe’s ability to execute complex architectural designs seamlessly.


Americold Coldstores
Bay Racking

Rigsafe set a new industry standard in the Americold Coldstores Bibralake project, a key venture for Dematic. This project saw the installation of Australia’s highest high bay racking system, with an impressive 1300 tonnes of racking.


Curtin Library CPD

Rigsafe excelled in installing over 300 Corten Steel Façade panels at Curtin University, skillfully managing the project in an active environment. Their meticulous approach minimized disruption while ensuring attention to people, environment, and noise control, showcasing their precision and adaptability.
Rigsafe Holcim Quarry Project


HOLCIM Quarry Equipment Reinstallation

In Stage 1, two 12-ton screens were replaced, requiring the removal of the screen house for access and subsequent reinstallation. In Stage 2, a new crusher was introduced, accompanied by the construction and installation of 500 meters of new conveyors, completing a comprehensive upgrade.
Rigsafe Nab Murdoch Project


NAB Murdoch Boola Katitjin Timber Building

Rigsafe played a pivotal role, offering rigging and crane services for the project’s success. A staggering 1800 pieces of mass timber, totaling 3000 tons, were skillfully installed. Concurrently, structural steel was seamlessly integrated, underscoring a comprehensive and well-coordinated construction endeavor.
Rigsafe Icepick Project


Elders St Lookout 'Icepick' Construction

The façade installation featured 25 tons of laser-cut steel and 115 irregularly shaped glass pieces crafted into 27 oversized cranked façade elements. Rigsafe played a pivotal role, providing essential services such as transport, crainage, and rigging, ensuring the seamless installation of this project.

Rigsafe Curtin exchange project


Curtin Exchange Buildings Construction

Over a span of 2 years, three buildings underwent a transformative process. 2800 precast elements were installed, accompanied by the placement of 25,000 linear meters of mastic. Additionally, a substantial 400 tons of structural steel were integrated, culminating in a successful construction effort.

Rigsafe Qantas Hub Project


T3 Qantas Hub Airport Fascias Installation

New fascias supplied and erected on the building’s exterior, complemented by multiple installations for smoke fans, doors, and baggage hall penetrations. The roof saw the addition of eight smoke fans, marking a meticulous transformation with enhanced functionality and aesthetics.
Rigsafe Boral Moora project


Boral Moora Machine Deconstruction & Rebuild

For this project, primary and secondary crushers, screens, and conveyors were deconstructed, with marked items carefully stored. After 18 months, the components were seamlessly re-erected, showcasing Rigsafe’s expertise, precision and efficiency in the reconstruction process.


ECU Joondalup

Delivering craning and rigging services for the facade package while assembling the world’s largest periodic table, with meticulous pre-assembly of most items in our workshop for seamless on-site erection.


Wellington St Student Accommodation

In a 40-story structure, we executed the installation of 600 precast items and expertly removed structural facade steel, showcasing precision and efficiency in a comprehensive building transformation.


Murdoch Radiation and Oncology Building

Handling 140 precast panels with precision, our services extend to efficient crane hire, ensuring seamless execution for your project’s vertical development with expertise and reliability.


Joondalup Hospital

In Stage 1, we deftly managed 40 precast panels, incorporating lid removal and reinstatement. Transitioning to Stage 2, a substantial 300 tons of structural steel were seamlessly installed, marking a meticulous and efficient construction progression.


Central Park

Erecting a temporary steel structure up to Level 5, our endeavor involved moving 300 tons with precision. This intricate operation included 23 crane mobilizations over 12 hours each, strategically executed in Perth City at St Georges and Hay Streets.


One Subiaco

Seamlessly incorporating 150 tons of structural steel, our expertise ensured efficient installation, contributing to the robust foundation and integrity of the vibrant One Subiaco project.



Elevating the aesthetic and functionality, we orchestrated the precise installation of facade elements on the eastern and western facets of a towering 60-meter building, harmonizing design with structural excellence.


Mineral Resources New Offices

Executing with precision, we seamlessly installed 150 tons of structural steel. Our comprehensive services encompassed crane hire and dedicated labor support, ensuring a robust and efficient construction process.

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