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The Rigsafe Way

We are passionate about what we do and who we are; 'The Rigsafe Way' encapsulates everything we stand for.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to design a solution that suits your individual needs. Our specialised team of installers are experienced in architectural facade, structural steel, precast panels and onsite fabrication. Rigsafe provides a combination of riggers, boilermakers and cranes to complete your mine site maintenance requirements. Our highly experienced workforce come with all their safety tickets and are capable of onsite problem solving and rectification works.

Our guiding principles

We prioritise our clients’ needs above all else. Instead of imposing the project-specific challenges on our clients, we focus on developing innovative solutions to overcome these hurdles internally, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. We are responsible for our business processes which deliver timely and reliable client outcomes.

Our fundamental principles are clear: customer needs come first, we tackle complexity with ease, and we deliver results without unnecessary hassles. We keep our promises and maintain open, constructive communication to ensure a smooth and reliable experience for all.

We continuously enhance our operations to protect the environment and prevent pollution while striving to fulfill our aspirations. We maintain a client-centric approach, delivering secure and intricate rigging solutions.

We promote a proactive “can do” mindset and excel in recruiting top talent through our advanced systems. Our culture, based on the Rigsafe Way and core values, is deeply ingrained in our daily practices. Our transparent tendering process conveys our value to clients, while our evolving systems prioritise smarter, safer, and reliable rigging solutions for a hassle-free experience.

At Rigsafe, our principles are clear and concise. We embrace collaboration, respect each other’s voices, foster teamwork and leadership, rely on data-driven decisions, and prioritise communication through a structured meeting rhythm.

We focus on employee development through business education and empowerment for client-centric decisions. We engage and reward employees for upholding our culture and values and prioritise transparency with clients.

Our Values

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Your trusted partner in rigging safety

Team Work Always

Promote respect, honesty, and responsibility in the workplace while fostering a culture of constructive feedback for continuous personal and business growth.

No Hassles

Embrace a solution-oriented mindset, encourage innovative thinking, foster teamwork, and consistently bring your best effort to work for shared success.


Prioritise work-life balance, nurture a supportive environment, acknowledge and reward adherence to Rigsafe Way values, and invest in staff’s career development.


Commit to a safe work environment through personal responsibility, encourage accountability, promptly report potential risks, and take pride in prioritising safety.


Proactively go the extra mile to deliver the best client outcomes, find joy in client success, uphold our commitments, and respect as our clients needs come first.

We prioritise the well-being of our workers and the environment while delivering exceptional quality. We adhere to all relevant legislation and guidelines, including ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. We view health, safety, and environmental protection as mutual goals for management and staff.

In addition, we aspire to be a leader in quality management by maintaining measurable objectives and targets that align with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. Our dedication to quality is demonstrated through continual improvement and adherence to industry standards, regulations, customer requirements, and corporate initiatives.

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